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Monday, August 10, 2009

II. Basic Information

NOTE: For the remainder of profile pages, the fields marked with an “*” are compulsory and the fields without are not compulsory. The non-compulsory fields are only here to enhance your profile to all users.

  • The “Basic Information” page is information about your organization.
  • Include an acronym for your organization if you have one.
  • Since this page is all about the work of your organization, include all beneficiaries of your projects. In addition, include, in the area of focus section, the causes for all projects undertaken by your organization. We suggest that you restrict it to your top five causes. When selecting a cause, choosing a sector and sub-sector is counted as one. For instance you may choose “Livelihood” as a sector and “Livelihood Promotion” as a sub-sector. You can choose “Livelihood” again and a different sub-sector such as “Promotion of Crafts,” so you have chosen two different causes.
  • For location and contact details, please list the locations of all your registered/head offices. You do not have to include your field locations here; you can add those on the projects page when applicable. Include as much contact information as possible. Include landlines numbers in the format: ‘+91 022 42664716’ and include mobile numbers in the format: ‘+91 9873878809’
  • Fill in all compulsory (*) and non-compulsory fields. Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are not required, but recommended.
  • Upload a Logo if possible and upload any other documents such as annual reports, newsletters, media links, stories, pictures, publications, videos, etc
  • Carefully read and complete the Declaration requirements and hit “Save”

NOTE: You will not be able to “Save” the page until all compulsory fields are completed. So, if you have not completed a section, just fill in “dummy” text, hit “Save” and return to fill in the remaining information on the page at your convenience.

III. Registration Details:

  • Upload a registration document

NOTE: In order to receive funds on the portal, you must provide proof of registration as a charitable (non-profit) organization. However, unregistered organizations (and social enterprises) can also create a profile on the portal and have access to volunteer and service providers, but they will not be able to ask for or receive funds.

NOTE: Users on the portal will not be able view your PAN, TAN, 12A, 80G or FCRA documents. They would only be able to view details in respect of these certifications (such as number and validity dates) that you have entered in respect of these certifications.

  • If you are a registered organization, you must upload your PAN, TAN, 80G, 35AC, 12A, FCRA. You might not have all of these; just upload whichever ones you have. Include the registration / notification number on each document and start and end dates whenever applicable. You can choose to upload any other certifications not listed here if you wish.

NOTE: When uploading documents, remember to click the box titled “I certify that I have the right to distribute these files and that they do not violate the Terms of Use.” Your document will not be uploaded until this box is checked. If you are unclear about the terms of use, please click on the “Terms of Use” click and read more. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

IV. Awards (Optional)

NOTE: For now, this section is only for awards that your organization has received. At a later date, we will provide you opportunities to upload awards that your organization is awarding

  • Include Start and End dates and Amount awarded wherever applicable. In addition, include a brief description for what activities / achievements you received the award. The Start date can be the date you received the award.
  • You will be able to upload as many awards as you would like.

Remember to always read the right hand column messages on the profile pages for additional instructions and tips.

V. Financial Information

  • Complete financial information of your organization here. The information provided here would be financial information from previous years. For example, you can list financial information from 2003, 2004, 2005, etc. The more information you are able to report, the better.
  • In the “Top 5 sources of funding” section, list your top 5 sources for funding from highest (most amount of money received) to lowest (least amount of money received). Select the type of source and name the source.
  • In the “Top 5 expenses” section, list your top 5 expenses. Remember that these are expenses on the organizational level. You will enter specific project related costs later in the projects section. You are required to list the type of expense and approximate amounts.

VI. Team Profile

Include information about the current number of full-time and part-time staff and volunteers, and some information about the key persons (board or governance committee members included) in your organization.


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