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Friday, July 23, 2010


About NSEF – A brief introduction

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) is a non-profit organization with a single minded mission of promoting social entrepreneurship in universities across India. With this objective NSEF establishes student run chapters at each university which conduct various activities to create an ecosystem that will produce the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Some of the activities we do include lecture series and workshops for students and young social entrepreneurs, social business plan and blogging competitions, idea cafes, mentoring young social entrepreneurs amongst others.
More at http://nsef-india.org

NSEF Idea Conference

The NSEF Idea Conference is a platform for young people to gain exposure about various social innovations, different facets of social entrepreneurship in India and a place to discuss ideas on social issues and solutions. The Idea conference has a multitude of activities which will serve multiple purposes:

a. Spread ideas about the innovations and existing models that are acting as change agents in the society.

b. Trigger ideas in young people which can lead to social enterprises.

c. Inspire passionate students and young people by bringing them face to face with social entrepreneurs who will share their real life experiences and challenges in social enterprises.

d. Nurture the next generation of innovators to solve problems at the bottom of pyramid and ultimately create the next cohort of leaders who will lead the movement in the development sector.

e. Act as a networking platform to help connect people who share common passions and interest in the developing sector.

The platform invites attendees from a vast domain including students, working professionals and people from development sector. It acts as an open forum for sharing ideas and experiences in the development sector and also helps people learn, execute and materialize their ideas for changing the world.

Format of the Idea Conference

While we are continuously innovating to find newer ways to most effectively transfer and trigger ideas to solve problems at Bottom of Pyramid, we have found the current format a successful way of doing the same.

1. Every idea conference has a theme (sometimes multiple themes) which spans topics relevant to the development sector. Some of the topics include Microfinance, Technology to solve problems at BoP etcetera

2. 60 minutes of lectures by 3 subject matter experts on the theme at the rate of 20 minutes per speaker.

3. 60 minutes of panel discussion on a topic relevant to the theme. The panelists will present their ideas on the topic followed by a discussion amongst the panelists and finally an open for a discussion between the panelists and the audience.

Idea conferences are held at least once every two months in a community identified by NSEF (could be a Major city or a university where NSEF chapter exists). They are being held all over the country, for instance they are held frequently at Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, BITS-Pilani, IIM-Lucknow amongst others.

The 2 session in this conference are:

1. Sessions with eminent entrepreneurs and academia. The theme of these sessions would be Innovations driving social change
2. Panel Discussion on Innovations in the field of Microfinance.

Please Find attached the Poster and a small concept note of the Idea Conference. Details of the speakers are on our website (http://www.nsef-india.org/hyd-speakers.php).

Timing: Saturday, 24th July 2010, 3 PM to 6 PM.
Venue:School of Management Studies
Hyderabad Central University


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