What's your social qoutient?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's your Social Quotient?

  1. Your friends are convincing you to donate blood. You:

  2. Realize that it would mean admitting you didn’t get drunk last night. So you refuse.

    Agree to go but on seeing the needle, get cold feet and worm out

    Are quite scared but think of this as your chance to save a life.

  3. 2) After rehearsing on the top floor you come down and realize you have left the lights on. You

  4. Hope no one else noticed. Who’s going to climb up four floors again?

    Feel guilty but are too lazy to do it so you blackmail your best friend to go do it

    Frown but run back up because you know it’s something that has to be done

  5. Your younger sister is turning 18 and wants you to help her make her voter’s ID. You

  6. - Wonder why she is getting so jumpy and show her ten more exciting things to do

    - Send her off to your already frantic and slightly insulin-deficient dad

    - Help her get the ID AND give her information on all candidates so that she can vote wisely.

  7. 4) An irritating acquaintance keeps asking you to support different causes on Face book. You

  8. Block him so that your wall doesn’t look like flowery- save- the- world graffiti from the 60s

    Ignore the requests. (Are you seriously telling me this is going to make a difference?)

    Support them. It’s only costing you a mouse-click and you hope others will get the message.

  9. - Ignore the requests. Are you seriously telling me this is going to make a difference?

  10. Chuck it on the tracks of course. They are practically a garbage dump anyway.

    Throw it in the nearest bin but spill it on the pavement. What? You threw it in a dustbin right?

    Hold on to it ll the way home and feel like a sticky idiot who never carries a plastic bag .