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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

featured2 With the focus of universities primarily on academic excellence of the students, the educational bodies in India often fail to produce well-rounded and socially responsible individuals. But one of the fundamental aims of a university education is to prepare better citizens for the country.

So despite its one billion plus population, India often is plagued by a  dearth of  young people from the student community who can be real "change makers".

To overcome this shortcoming, the National Social Entrepreneurship Forum or NSEF was formed in February 2009 in Bangalore by a few committed and visionary youngsters led by Yashveer Singh.

NSEF’s main aim is to empower the students by exposing them to the field of social entrepreneurship through various activities.

It provides internship opportunities to young students to work at some of the leading social enterprises in India.  

Thus NSEF is a youth-focused non profit organization promoting Social Entrepreneurship.

"A social entrepreneur is an amalgamation of values displayed in Mother Teresa's compassion and Richard Branson's sharp business prowess", says Nishant Sarawgi, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Manager, NSEF, as he sums up the aim of the organization.

The primary vision of its founding team is to  inspire and build people and organizations, who can effectively respond to social challenges, lead the movement for grass roots development and be the premier place for social entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, learn and develop social innovations.

NSEF wants to promote new social entrepreneurs and create environments where they can succeed.
NSEF facilitates resources for social entrepreneurs through mentoring and networking and raises awareness about the issue among the target group.

It also participates and collaborates in programmes with congruent organizations for funding as well as knowledge exchange.

It fosters an open forum for the exchange of ideas, concerning the societal well being of the national and global community.

NSEF wants to shift from the role of a resource facilitator to resource provider in five years time.

The young team of NSEF is continuously guided and mentored by senior and reputed people from the field of academia and corporate & development sector.

NSEF has partnered with Samhita for the Socially Positive campaign. NSEF will facilitate social sector internships for the winners. For more information and to participate visit www.samhita.com

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