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Thursday, September 16, 2010

TCI Logo Final Way back in February 2008 when Vinay Ganti, Santhosh Ramdoss, Prerna Srivastava and Shital Shah driven by the zeal of working in the social sector, crossed each other at a conference and discovered they have one common gripe: there is no consolidated place to be informed about social entrepreneurship in India.

The outcome and collective resentment was, however, positive. They created ThinkChange India.

ThinkChange India is the fastest growing blog focused on social entrepreneurship and social innovation in India. Its goal is to be the primary source of information/analysis on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in the Indian context.

The blog lies on the presumption that the social circumstances facing India are unique in nature, and thus the approaches that will be most effective will also be unique.

“For that reason we focus on the country as its own, unlike other blogs in the social entrepreneurship space,” says Vinay Ganti.

”However, the true mission and purpose of the blog is also inspired by Paulo Freire’s book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed. The underlying principle is that meaningful change is predicated on reflection coupled with action,” says Vinay, graduated from the JD/MBA at the New York University School of Law and the Leonard B. Stern School of Business in New York City and is now an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern's Undergraduate College.

Santhosh graduated from NYU Wagner and is now working for BRAC, helping develop new initiatives and strengthen communities throughout Bangladesh and Africa.

Prerna graduated from Harvard and is pursuing her passion for development and social entrepreneurship in Rwanda for the next year.

Shital Shah graduated from NYU Wagner and is now working as a consultant on microsavings, technology, and mobile banking projects in South Asia.

ThinkChange India has a dedicated team of editors who aggregate personal stories, articles, academic works and other relevant bits of information to provide the reader with the most comprehensive taste of the vibrant social venture landscape in the Indian subcontinent and other efforts that are sprouting up in other parts of the world, but are focused on India.

featured1 Currently, ThinkChange India is undergoing a reboot process, whereby the founding editors are looking to bring in fresh talent to manage and operate the blog. This is a voluntary opportunity ideal for an individual(s) eager to contribute and learn from emerging social innovation space in India. The person(s) will have full freedom and responsibility in operating the blog and will be brought into the team at an equivalent level as the Managing Editors of the blog.

This is a multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial role. A thinkchanger will have to:

  • Create, edit and manage overall content on TC-I
  • Build and manage a team of writers and voluntary contributors
  • Identify and build partnerships with news portals, blogs and knowledge networks
  • Interview and profile the work of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporations, global foundations, journalists and policy makers
  • Focus on technology improvements - work with volunteer coders and designers

What’s in it for you?

  • Chance to network extensively within the social entrepreneurship community in India and beyond
  • Build relationships with thought leaders in the industry
  • Learn the ins and outs of the social enterprise sector in India - especially useful if you want to start your own social enterprise, work for one, or become an “expert” on a particular issue
  • A chance to be entrepreneurial without the risk of failure. The TC-I brand name is already well recognized and all the building blocks are fully in place.

To be eligible for the position participate in Socially Positive. Best bloggers will get an opportunity to be interviewed for the position. For details and participation click here.


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