5 Ps for a perfect profile

Friday, July 24, 2009

Your profile is your online identity. It is the first impression that a donor has of your work. Use our 5 Ps to create the perfect profile

1. Personalize – Personalize your information so that the viewer can experience your work. Tell him about what you do, why you do it, how you do it and what impact your work creates.

2. Pictures – Pictures will help you draw the viewer into your world. Show him images of the community that you work in, the beneficiaries that you serve, the before and after impact of your work. Pictures break the monotony of large volumes of text and will bring your work to life.

3. Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar – Your work creates change. Don’t let bad grammar distract the viewer. Grammatical errors also leave a poor impression of the organization.

4. Precise – Less is more. Tell your story as briefly as precisely as possible. While details are important make sure that you keep them brief.

5. Professional – Make sure that your information is complete, accurate, updated and well written. Upload supporting documents wherever possible to assure the viewer that your paperwork is in place and your projects are well planned, accurately budgeted and regularly monitored.


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