Recruit people

Thursday, August 6, 2009

XI. Recruit People (Optional)

  • Clearly describe the details, commitment and roles for the volunteers, employees or interns that you need. This will help potential applicants easily locate and respond to your needs.
  • You can enter multiple positions on this page. Once you have entered all details of a position, click on the 'Publish' button to make this position visible to all users on the portal. Unless you publish a position, prospective volunteers and job applicants will not be able to view it. Note that the module for individual registrants on is under development and is expected to be up shortly.
  • When recruiting a volunteer, intern or employee, include the location where the person will be placed. This could be a field office location, so you will need to enter in those specifics. You can also specify if the person is needed for a specific project or for the organization. If it is project specific or for the organization, you will be able to select your choice in the drop-down menu titled “Choose a project/organization.”
  • When uploading documents, you can include documents listing duties of the intern, volunteer or employee. In addition, you can include a list of skills you prefer in and require of the person. You can add documents that discuss the experience of past or present volunteers and interns.


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